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Visas and Immigration

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) in Dhaka makes decisions on most temporary and permanent migration visas.
For detailed information about visas and citizenship services please see the DIAC website.

NEW: Important announcements for Student visa applications implemented from 24 March 2012

The Australian Government has implemented the second stage of changes in response to the Student Review conducted by Michael Knight.

Full information can be found on the Department’s website:

Streamlined Visa Processing Arrangements

Implementation of the Government Response to the Knight Review of the Student Visa Program

Fact Sheet – Stage Two Implementation of the Knight Review Changes to the Student Visa Program

Changes to boost international education

Work and Holiday visa for Bangladesh nationals from 31 December 2010

The reciprocal Work and Holiday visa arrangement between Australia and Bangladesh was signed on 8 March 2006, and came into effect on 31 December 2010. Bangladesh nationals who meet the criteria will be able to apply for a Work and Holiday visa to Australia and there will be an annual limit of 100 visas.

Before approaching the High Commission or VFS, you should apply for approval through the Ministry of Home Affairs. If you get that approval, the Ministry will provide you with a letter certifying your suitability to participate in the arrangement. Your details will be checked against the list provided by the Ministry.

Details on how to apply for this approval have been advertised by the Home Ministry in local newspapers. The advertisements provide details on how to lodge an application for Home Ministry approval and a webpage link (www.mha.gov.bd/wahv) which will be open from 10.00 am of 14.6.2011 to 4.00 pm of 16.06.2011 (for 3 days) only.

Once you have the formal approval from the Home Ministry, you should seek information on applying for this visa, see: www.vfs-au.com.bd

IMPORTANT: Biometrics collection

On 5 December 2010, Australia will introduce a new visa application procedure for visa applicants resident in Bangladesh.

Clients making paper-based visa applications with the Australian High Commission, regardless of nationality, will need to provide their fingerprints and a digital facial photograph as part of visa application processing.

Making Visa and Citizenship applications in Bangladesh

The Department of Immigration in Dhaka has a Service Delivery Partner arrangement with VFS Global to provide Australian visa lodgement services. All applications lodged in Bangladesh for Australian visas can be lodged at the Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) in Dhaka and biometrics can be collected at the same time.

The Australian Visa Application Centre in Sylhet is closed from 31 January 2012. From 1 February 2012, all visa applicants will need to attend the Australian Visa Application Centre in Dhaka. The address is:

ZN Tower,
1st Floor, Plot # 2, Road # 8,
Block SW(1),
Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka 1212.

Application forms and document checklists for the most common visa subclasses are also available at VFS-AVAC.

For more information, see: Information sheets

Sending an application by mail

Mailed/couriered applications should only be sent to the Australian High Commission DIRECTLY. They should NOT be sent to the Australian Visa Application Centre (VFS Bangladesh)

Applications lodged directly with the Australian High Commission Visa Office, whether by courier, or by mail should be addressed to: The Visa Office, Australian High Commission, 184 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-2, Dhaka 1212 Bangladesh.

Please ensure you have enclosed the appropriate visa charges as a single demand draft from any branch of the Standard Chartered Bank made payable to the ‘Australian High Commission in Bangladesh Taka.

We recommend that any documents or applications are sent with a reputable courier company, not by Bangladesh post.

IMPORTANT: All people, regardless of nationality, lodging paper-based visa applications in Bangladesh will be required to attend an Australian Visa Application Centre in person to provide their biometrics. If you send your application directly to the Australian High Commission, you will still be required to provide your biometrics and by not lodging directly with the AVAC, you may delay the processing of your application.

Applications not lodged in Dhaka

Some applications must be lodged online or by mail to processing centres in Australia. These may be accessed at http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/index.htm

Visa Application Forms and Information

Download visa application forms, information booklets and comprehensive information about visas and citizenship free of charge.

Australian Citizenship

Information about Australian citizenship can be found at the following:
Citizenship by descent

Family Migration

Family Migration information is available at the DIAC website.

Student Visas

Information on student visas is available on the DIAC website.

Before you apply for a student visa you should read all the relevant information about the visa requirements which apply to your proposed course of study. You should read the information sheet 1160i Applying for a Student Visa and the appropriate Student Visa Information leaflet.

The Australian High Commission cannot give you advice about educational institutions and courses of study in Australia.

You should lodge your student visa application about 3 months before you expect to start your course.

Tourist Visas

In most cases a decision on your application will be ready 10-20 working days after you lodge it, but will take longer if you need to undergo medicals or if we ask for additional information.

Information on tourist visas is available on the DIAC website and VFS Website.

Transit visas

The Transit visa provides for a stay in Australia for up to 72 hours for people who transit through Australia enroute to other countries, including New Zealand if in transit more than 8 hours.

Information is available at VFS Website

Skilled Migration Visas

Further information on skilled migration is available on the DIAC website at:
Migrating to Australia as a Skilled Person
Booklet 6, General Skilled Migration

Please note that all General Skilled migration visa applications must be lodged in Australia and are processed in Australia. This office does not process these applications.

Choosing to use a migration agent

If you wish to engage a migration agent, DIAC recommends using an agent registered with the Office of the MARA, or where this is not possible, one that is accredited in your country.

If you suspect your Office of the MARA registered agent is engaging in criminal behaviour, you should advise your local DIAC office. Other complaints about Office of the MARA registered agents can be made at www.mara.com.au

If you wish to use an unregistered agent outside of Australia, make sure you understand what you can reasonably expect from them and know your options if the agent acts incompetently, dishonestly or fraudulently. If you suspect an unregistered migration agent is engaging in criminal behaviour, you should report them to your local law enforcement authority and inform your local DIAC office.


• You do not need to use a migration agent.
• If you choose to use a migration agent, use one that is registered.
• DIAC recommends you use a migration agent registered in Australia.

Migration Fraud

All visa applicants and potential migrants are requested to be aware of migration scammers and people who may be seeking to take advantage of your circumstances.

An information kit on how you may protect yourself may be found at the following site http://www.immi.gov.au/migration-fraud/

Further information on migration fraud, stories of victims, email and internet scams, and how you may obtain help is available on the DIAC website.

Be aware of Migration Fraud

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